HE551V / HE431V / HE531V Turbocharger Cross Shaft Repair Kit Sector Shaft

$300.00 Regular Price
$180.00Sale Price
Complete Cross Shaft Repair Kit for all HE431V, HE451V, HE531V, HE551V Turbochargers. If your turbo is leaking oil on from the Actuator Shaft (Cross Shaft), then this kit will fix that issue.

This kit fix oil leaks caused by worm shaft and/or bushings. A worm shaft can also cause the VGT on your turbo to stick (Freeze). So if you are experiencing leaks in that area, it's time to replace it. Kit comes complete with everything you need to perform the work. Instructions available upon request.

  • Kit Includes the following parts:

    1 - Compressor Housing O-Ring
    1 - Compressor Discharge O-Ring
    1 - Cross Shaft C-Clip
    1 - Cross Shaft
    2 - Cross Shaft Bushings (STD)
    1 - Cross Shaft Seal
    1 - Cross Shaft Dust Cover
    1 - Dust Cover Bolt
    2 - Actuator Bolts
    1 - Elevator Assembly Bolt
    3 - Seal Plate Bolts
    3 - Seal Plate Bolt Seals Washers

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