HE431Ve Turbocharger Repair Kit Major VGT Seal Holset Cummins HE431V HE431 Turbo

Complete Repair Kit for all HE431Ve, HE451Ve, HE431V, HE451V Turbochargers. If your turbo is leaking oil then this kit will most likely fix that issue.
Note: Always compare your old flinger to the new one (The piece that carries the compressor piston ring/seal, since there are 2 different versions)
Kit Includes the following parts:
1 - Back Plate O-Ring
2 - Journal Bearings
4 - Bearings C-Clips
1 - Thrust Washer
1 - Compressor Side Piston Ring (Seal)
1 - Turbine Side Piston Ring (Seal)
3 - Seal Plate Bolts
3 - Seal Plate Bolt Washers
3 - Cross Shaft and Nozzle Seals
1 - Shaft Nut (Compressor Wheel Nut)
1 - Thrust Washer
1 - Thrust Bearing
1 - HE431Ve/HE451Ve/HE451V/HE431V Thrust Flinger
 Kit comes complete with everything you see in picture.
20% Restocking fee on all returns unless item received not as described in the listing. No exceptions!
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