Custom S400SX4 Turbine Housing 1.15 A/R T6 96-88mm

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$420.00Sale Price

Want to use a S475 171702 Turbo, but want a smaller housing than the standard 1.32 A/R?
Well, we have the remedy for your problems, a custom S400SX4 Exhaust Housing 1.15 A/R T6 for the 96-88mm Turbine.
This housing will fit any turbo with the 96/88 Turbine Wheel.

  • Details

    Custom T6 1.15 A/R S400SX4 Housing for the 96/88 Turbine Wheel.

    Now you can use the BorgWarner turbos like the 171702 (S475) or the 171701 (S471) with this custom build turbine housing, to reduce spool time and still take advantage of the 96/88 Turbine Wheel.

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