BorgWarner Turbocharger SX K03 Mini Cooper S EP6 HP JCW Upgrade 53039880163


BorgWarner 2006+ Mini Cooper JCW Twin Scroll Upgrade Turbo (53039880146)

BorgWarner’s K03-2074 turbocharger (part# 5303-988-0146) is engineered to be a reliable and high-performance bolton upgrade turbo for the 2006+ Mini JCW (up to 255hp).

Mini John Cooper Works upgrade from BorgWarner AirWerks features

  • High temperature alloy turbine housing
  • Extended tip compressor wheel
  • Twin scroll turbine housing
  • Water cooled bearing housing

Using a high-flow twin scroll turbine housing combined with BorgWaner’s extended tip compressor wheel design – this turbocharger delivers early spool and outstanding boost response with torque and power gains across the powerband. Full-Race recommends the addition of an aftermarket exhaust system to compliment this turbo, although that is not required for the installation.

  • Additional Information:

    • Max warm oil pressure: 5 bar (73.5psi)
    • Max cold oil pressure: 8 bar (118psi)
    • When starting a fresh engine build or in extremely cold climates – oil pressure must reach 0.5bar (7.2psi) within 4 seconds maximum.
    • Do not load the engine with full boost and WOT until full operating oil pressure is present
    • Do not load the engine with full boost and WOT if any boost leaks are present (this can result in turbocharger overspeed)

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