Borg Warner Air Werks S400SX4-75 S475 Turbo 171702

Borg Warner Air Werks S400SX4-75 S475 Turbo 171702

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Genuine Air Werks by Borg Warner, S400SX4 turbo charger with 75mm compressor wheel inducer. "aka S475 (T6) S400SX3-75, S475SX & S475-SX3" This turbo utilizes the BorgWarner / AirWerks "S" generation compressor wheel with Extended Tip Technology for the ultimate in aerodynamics, low RPM spool-up & high RPM horsepower output.

ALL of our BorgWarner & AirWerks turbochargers come Fully Balanced from the factory & have the Manufacturers 1 year (12 month) Warranty. These turbos are NOT the lower quality third party turbos that have been re-badged / re-named. They are 100% authentic BorgWarner / AirWerks turbos true & through.
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    ::Compressor:: (cold side) Over 98 lb/min
    - Wheel: 75mm Inducer / 100.8mm Exducer w/ Extended Tip Technology <
    - Housing: (select from menu)
    #1. 5.00" ported anti-surge air inlet / V-band flange charge pipe outlet.
    #2 Large High Flow Race Cover w/ 5.50" air inlet/ 3" slip-on charge pipe outlet with ballistic attenuator. (has tapered funnel/velocity stack fitted on the inside of the air inlet)

    ::Turbine:: (hot side)
    - Wheel: 95.7mm Inducer / 88mm Exducer (Made of Inconel 713 for high-temperature operation)
    - Housing: Large T6 Divided twin scroll inlet/ 5.00" V-band flange downpipe discharge
    - A/R: 1.32 A/R

    ::Center Section::
    - Oil Cooled
    - Severe-Duty Journal Bearing System (rebuildable platform with service kit found on our site)