Great News for 02-07 Honda Aquatrax Owners!

   We are pleased to inform all Honda Aquatrax owners looking to rebuild your blown IHI RHF5 turbocharger, that we have a cost effective cartridge ( Core Assembly ) replacement available.

   This cartridge replaces your currently ball-bearing core assembly with a new stronger journal alternative. It comes with a Billed Compressor wheel for more reliability and performance. Plus it provides + 2mm compressor wheel inducer diameter to outperform its ball-bearing cousin, and if your worried about water or oil lines positioning, worry no more, all lines will lineup as good as the OEM unit.

   So, think no more! We will replace your turbocharger core assembly, bore your compressor housing and make your turbo look like new. Plus it comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty. All this for a fraction of the original replacement price charged by dealers, and they don't even have it in stock. 

02-07 Honda Aquatrax Turbocharger, F12-R12, Jet Ski, 1200(4-stroke). P/N HW1-6720, turbo spec.MG8 0211, S/N RHF5 06-453E, ball bearing turbo

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